Terms and Conditions

List of terms and conditions for (Q Salary Application)

(1) Introduction:

 1-1 Your use of (Q Salary Application) means your full legitimate and legal commitment to all that will be stated below in (List of Terms and Conditions) for (Q Salary Application).

1-2 The list of terms and conditions for (Q Salary Application) regulating the relationship between each of (Q Salary Application) and the person using this application is a formal contract between them with satisfaction, acceptance and acknowledgment that the user of this application has read the list of terms and conditions of this application in full and accepted it as it is without any reservation or objection whatsoever.

1-3 The (Q Salary Application) is mentioned and referred to in everything that will be mentioned below as the (Application).

1-4 The (Q Salary Application User) is mentioned and referred to in all of the below as the (User).

1-5 The (customers with whom users of the application work) shall be mentioned and referred to in everything that will be mentioned below as (customers, customer or business owner)).

1-6 “Fees” means a fixed amount (in Saudi Riyals) which is applied to each early salary payment as agreed with your employer(s).

1-7 The user’s use of the application means his tacit acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the application without exception or objection. In the event that the user does not agree to any of the terms and conditions of the application, the user must not use the application in any way.

1-8 The application reserves the right to update or change any of these terms and conditions under its own free management and without any prior announcement or notification. Therefore, the user of the application must constantly review the terms and conditions for changes, knowing that in no case will users be notified or taken Their consent to any update in the application or any change or modification in the terms and conditions of this application.

1-9 All users of the application must review and understand the terms of each of the obligations of the users as well as the privacy policy of the application before any dealings, and any negligence or inaction in this is borne by the user alone.

(2) Users’ Obligations:

I (the application user) fully legitimately and legally acknowledge and undertake all of the following:

2-1 The existence of a valid national identity, whether you are a citizen or a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other documents or requirements required at the time, whether they are required in a legal or contractual manner.

2-2 Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2-3 That all personal information provided by the user of the application is true, accurate and up-to-date.

2-4 I will immediately update all personal information provided by the user to the application when any new developments, changes or modifications occur and by itself immediately and without any delay.

2-5 Comply with all notices and alerts provided to the user from the application immediately and positively.

2-6 Not to use the information that the user will obtain for any purpose outside the scope of the services and products for which the application was found.

2-7 Not to misuse the application for any illegal or unlawful purposes or that are not permitted by law or custom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2-8 Not to take any action that offends any of the application, its management, its owners, its users, or any of the parties dealing with it, cooperating with it or affiliated with it.

2-9 Refrain from doing any work that competes with the application or using the application’s information for the purpose of establishing a competing, similar or similar work, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in any other country in the world, even as a donation, free of charge, or non-profit work.

2-10 Not to replicate, copy or quote the contents of the Application in any way.

2-11 Maintaining the password or any other confidential data that the user will obtain from the application completely and confidentially.

2-12 Accepting and bearing the costs of communications and mobile messages that will reach the user from the application, in the event of any fees.

2-13 Refrain from doing or attempting to do any act that leads or helps to decompile or reverse engineer the design of the Application, or otherwise identify or attempt to limit or attempt to access the source code or the internal design of the Services or make use of any text or image present in the application.

2-14 Not to do or attempt to do any technical act that would disrupt or harm the Application or the Users in any way or form.

2-15 Delegating the application with all the necessary powers to inquire about the validity of user data and information (including but not limited to: name, commercial register, registration status, national identity number, contact data, bank account number, residential and