Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction:

  1. Your use of (QSalary Application) means your full legitimate and legal commitment to what will be indicated in the Terms and Conditions Regulation for (QSalary Application).
  2. The Terms and Conditions Regulation for (QSalary Application) is organizing the existent relationship between (QSalary Application) and the User of this Application, which is deemed as a formal contract between them with satisfaction, acceptance and acknowledgment that the User of this Application has read the Terms and Conditions Regulation for this Application in full and accepted them without any reservation or objection whatsoever.
  3. (QSalary Application) will be mentioned and referred in everything will be mentioned hereunder as (the Application).
  4. (User of QSalary Application) will be mentioned and referred in everything will be mentioned hereunder as (the User).
  5. (The clients with whom the application users are working) will be mentioned and referred in everything will be mentioned thereunder as (the client(s) or employer).
  6. The word “fees” shall mean a fixed amount (in Saudi Riyal), which shall be applied on every early salary payment as per what is agreed thereupon with the employer (the clients) with whom they are working.
  7. The User’s use of the Application means his/her implicit acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Application without exception or objection. In the event that the User does not agree to any of the terms and conditions of the Application, the User must not use the Application in any way.
  8. The Application reserves the right to update or change any of these terms and conditions with its sole free willingness and without any prior announcement or notification. Therefore, the User of the Application must constantly review the terms and conditions to know the changes, noting that in no case will Users be notified, nor their consent will be taken to any update in the Application or any change or modification in the terms and conditions of this Application.
  9. All Users of the Application must review and well understand the terms of each of the obligations of the Users as well as the privacy policy of the Application before any dealing, and any negligence or inaction in this is borne by the User alone.
  10. Authorizing the Application with the necessary authority to inquiry about validity of the User’s data and information (including for example but not limited to: the name, commercial register, registration status, national ID number, contact data, bank account number, address and email).
  11. Acknowledges that whenever the User applies for an early salary payment through the Application the User will do so by his/her own consent. The User agrees that the amounts of any early salary payment through the Application prior to the release of the payroll by the employer, will be deducted from the User’s salary payroll at the end of the payroll cycle during which the User applied for early salary payment.
  12. In case the User has applied for his earned salary form Application during the same payroll cycle whereby the User resigned or has faced a sudden release from his/her work duties from the company registered within the Application, the User agrees that the company deducts the amount of the early paid salary from the User’s end of service dues.
  13. The User shall declare that the service provided through the Application compatibles with the Islamic Sharia.

2. User Obligations:

I (The Application User) fully, legitimately and legally, acknowledge and undertake with all the following:

2-1 Existence of a valid national identity card, whether I am a citizen or a resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other documents or requirements that may be required from time to time, whether legally or in a contractual manner.

2-2 Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2-3 That all personal information provided by the Application User is true, accurate and up-to-date information.

2-4 I will update all personal information provided by the User to the Application immediately when any new developments, changes or modifications occur, automatically and without any delay.

2-5 To immediately and positively comply with all notices and alerts provided to the User from the Application.

2-6 To refrain from using the information that the User will obtain for any purpose outside the scope of the services and products for which the Application has been created.

2-7 To not misuse the Application for any purposes that are unlawful, illegal or not permitted by law or by customs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2-8 To refrain from taking any action that offends any of the Application, its management, its owners, its Users, or any of the parties dealing with it, cooperating with it, or affiliated to it.

2-9 To refrain from doing any work that competes with the Application or using the Application’s information for the purpose of establishing a competing business, or a similar work, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in any other country, even as a donation, free of charge, or non-profit work.

2-10 Not to replicate, copy or quote the contents of the Application in any manner whatsoever.

2-11 To preserve the complete confidentiality of the password or any other confidential data that the User will obtain from the Application.

2-12 To accept and bear the costs of communications and mobile messages that will reach the User from the Application, in case there are chargeable fees.

2-13 To fully refrain from doing or attempting to do any act that leads or helps to decompile or reverse engineer the design of the Application, or otherwise identify or attempt to limit or attempt to access the source code or the internal design of the services or make use of any text or image present in the Application.

2-14 Not to do or attempt to do any technical act that would disrupt or harm the Application or the Users in any manner whatsoever.

2-15 Delegate the Application with the necessary authority to inquire about the validity of User’s data and information (including but not limited to: the name, commercial register, registration status, national identity number, contact data, bank account number, addresses of housing and work and full necessary data) from the official or private bodies concerned with issuance or keeping these data without returning to the User nor taking his prior approval on any of that.

2-16 The User herein declares and acknowledges that: he enjoys full lawful and legal eligibility on the date of his use of the Application and he is not interdicted and not losing the commercial or civil capacity for whatsoever reason such as bankruptcy, insolvency, freezing his accounts or any judicial, legal or administrative suspensions of whatsoever reason. The User shall declare that he is eligible from the legal and lawful aspect to conclude the contracts and undertake to execute all obligations resulting out on him from using this Application and dealing therewith.

2-17 The User shall undertake with refraining from publishing deceptive, incorrect or defamatory information or that bears any type of image of offense to the Application or breaches the fair competition rules or in violation to good morals, Islamic ethics and Arab culture or traditions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2-18 The User shall undertake with that his dealing with the Application is a personal dealing and he cannot use it unless by the User himself or by one of the authorized from him personally to use his account in the Application on his full personal liability solely. The User shall undertake not to sell his account to the other, lease it or give it to the other even for free. The User shall undertake with his direct and full lawful and legal liability solely for all dispositions to be done through his account in the Application in all conditions.

2-19 The User shall undertake not to misuse the Application and not to use it for otherwise purposes prepared thereto or upload unnecessary big size data, and shall also undertake not to hinder or damage the software being used by the Application, including the damage to the servant computers, the Application work procedures, breaching the third party’s accounts, publishing viruses, malwares or scams in any image or form or publishing malicious codes to the Application and its users. He shall also undertake not attempting to seize or obtain a copy of any software of the Application or the programming tools it uses or any of the data and information kept by the Application, in whatsoever image.

2-20 The User shall undertake not to attempt breaching or damaging any technical or security measure used by the Application to protect its data or third party’s data or to guarantee its work proceeding.

2-21 The User shall undertake not linking, downloading or providing a copy of the Application in whatsoever form.

2-22 The User shall undertake not to infringe any of the intellectual property rights prescribed in any country of the world for this Application or applications and the programs owned to the Application in whatsoever shape, including the software, designs, names, logos, texts, images, thoughts, contents, trademarks, data processing procedures, the used databases, workbooks and literary or technical works in any country of the world and in all times, even for inspection, study and scientific exploration.

2-23 The User shall undertake not to link between any of the accounts, advertisements or other applications and the Application whether any of the aforementioned is done automatically or manually and whether it is done with good or bad intentions.

2-24 The User shall undertake not to collect information or data about other users or visitors of the Application and not to attempt obtaining the stored information in the databases of Application in whatsoever case.

2-25 The User shall undertake not to misuse or attempt to mislead “the assessment” system and the classification procedures whether those provided by the Application or provided by any other body, private or public, internal or external whatsoever, manipulate thereof or impacting thereon in whatsoever image including providing inaccurate data or deliberate repeating the assessment whether it is negative or positive.

2-26 The User shall undertake not to give false, short or misleading data about the Application for any purpose or reason in any website, electronic page or account of the social media accounts or informative or advertising mean of whatsoever shape, location or language in any time.

2-27 The User shall declare and undertake to literally comply lawfully and legally with the concluded agreement between both Ta’jil al-Daf’ Ltd, which is the owner company of the Application and the client, who is the body in or for which the User is working even after expiry of the work relationship that connects the User and the client and until fulfillment by both the Application and the other bodies working with him of all its rights resulting out thereon in the User’s liability.

2-28 The User shall agree on payment of the prescribed fees for the Application as clarified in the form of immediate deduction or in any method to be determined here in this regulation or in the concluded agreement with the client who is the body in or for which the User is working or in by any other mean upon approval on conducting the dealing herein with the Application, which are nonrefundable or irrevocable fees.

2-29 The User shall agree upon dealing with the Application on releasing the liability of both the Application and the owner company in addition to the employees therein and the other bodies working with him of any future changes may arise on the currency rate or on the banking, cash or tax systems or the judicial or labor systems or any of the disasters, accidents or force majeure.

2-30 In conclusion, the User shall declare and undertake to the Application with his full awareness that eliminates ignorance, of the following:

2-30-1 Arabic language only is the language based on which understanding what is meant from this regulation shall be done formally and legally whatsoever the other languages are multiplied.

2-30-2 Saudi Riyal is the sole certified currency in this regulation whatsoever the currencies are multiplied.

2-30-3 The Georgian date is the sole certified date in this regulation whatsoever the dates are multiplied.

2-30-4 The Saudi laws shall be the sole applied laws on this regulation whether in cases of compromise or disputes and litigation between parties of this regulation or between them and third parties.

2-30-5 The competent Saudi jurisdiction in Riyadh city particularly shall be the competent jurisdiction whatsoever the countries or cities are multiplied, in which dealing between the parties of this regulation is being done.

2-30-6 No person is allowed to work and deal with this Application unless he is in the legally certified and stipulated working age within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2-30-7 The Application is not obliged to execute your request and not responsible towards you for any losses may occur as a result of not executing your request, as well as can cancel your right in conducting the requests and access to the Application and any other associated information in any time and for any reason including your employer requests from you to do so, and in case you obtain an early salary payment prior the salary payment day in a specific payroll cycle, you will receive “the net salary” in the salary payment day by your employer, which means the User’s salary deducting therefrom total early salary payments that have been executed.

2-30-8 The Application and the body in which the User is working shall have the right to set a limit for the total number or the amounts related to the requests that you can conduct in any specific time or for a period of time, and both of them shall have the right to reject allowing conducting early salary payments in case they see for logical reasons that such rejecting is essential or desirable for legal or security reasons or for purposes of protecting the Application and its interest.

2-30-9 The beneficiary from any request to be submitted on the platform shall be the same person, i.e., the early salary payments cannot be made unless to your own account(s) registered with your employer.

3. Privacy Policy for Application:

The User shall read the privacy policy of the Application and set forth hereunder a good reading eliminating ignorance, injustice and uncertainty, and in case of disapproval on any of its items, the User shall immediately not to use the Application on a final basis, as using this Application explicitly and affirmatively means the User’s approval on everything contained in the items of the Terms and Conditions Regulation of the Application in full and without any reservation or objection.

3-1 Personal Information:

The Application collects the User’s personal information through his registration in the Application, and during the Application working team calling the natural and legal users and clients and when making a questionnaire about the service after executing it, and via the different social media networks and tools. The Application may collect other information about the natural and legal users or clients from other new methods that have been updated or used in the future.

3-2 Non-personal Information:

The Application collects non-personal comprehensive information about the users, determining their locations, devices in use, ages and gender, and other information needed by the Application management to be enabled from analyzing the data and taking the proper decisions and for the purposes of ongoing development and improvement in the Application, its services and its works.

3-3 Purpose of collecting this information:

The Application gets benefit from this information for the following purposes:

3-3-1 Improving the user experience as this information in the Application on improving the user experience when needing to repair any malfunction or defect may arise in the current version or the next versions of the Application with the objective of achieving the highest degrees of smoothness, easiness and convenience for users.

3-3-2 Conducting the future developments that will help in the purposes of conducting the future developments for the Application as well as in any future update and development whether for the Application or for its services or for easiness and smoothness of using it.

3-3- To use them in measuring the user satisfaction about the Application, its services and mechanisms; therefore, working on achieving the use satisfaction and providing the highest levels of the service in the coming developments of the Application.

4. Security of Personal Information of Users:

The Application shall be obliged to provide high levels of security for the disclosed personal information by the users, through the unequivocal commitment to refrainment from disclosing them to any other party unless after the user’s approval as the Application takes the proper and appropriate measures and procedures to maintain the information it has securely works on protecting them from loss, unauthorized access, misuse or unauthorized disclosure – of the most significant applicable measures to achieve this objective is the following:

4-1 The strict procedures and measures to protect the security of information and technology in use to prevent fraud operations and unauthorized access to our systems.

4-2 The regular and periodic update of the protection procedures and controls that fulfill or exceed the standard principles.

4-3 Our employees are eligible and trained to respect the confidentiality of our visitors’ personal information.

4-4 The Application, its owner body and the employees therein are not considered – in all conditions – responsible when any of the taken measure is unable to protect the data or prevent the other seizure thereon or damaging it, or when disruption or obstructing any of the said measures whether it was due to viruses or otherwise malwares or electronic attacks.

4-5 Upon the User submission of his data and personal information through the Application, he agrees on storing, processing and using those data by us, and agrees on that we shall have the right in all times to disclose any of such information to the competent bodies when necessary to comply with any law, regulation or a governmental or judicial request.

5. Helping the User in protecting his privacy:

In order to help the Application Users in protecting their personal information, we recommend with the following:

5-1 Contact the Application immediately when the User thinks that a person could get his password, usage code, secret number or any other confidential information.

5-2 The User shall not give any confidential information via phone or internet unless knowing the identity of the person or the party receiving the information after complete affirmation thereof by the User himself.

5-3 Use a secure browser when you complete the transactions online while closing the unused applications online, and make sure that the antivirus program is effective and updated on a permanent basis.

5-4 In case there are any inquiries or opinions about the privacy principles, you can contact the Application management via the call form on page “Contact Us”.

5-5 The Application or the owner body are not deemed responsible for the data to be given through the User existence in any of the sites or application to which this Application may refer the Users, as the sites and applications to which the User is referred, follow their own privacy policies and use methods to protect the information differ than what is followed and used with this Application, therefore the Application and the owner body disclaim their responsibility for all privacy matters and information security related to those sites and applications and advise the User to review the certified privacy provisions and policies in those sites and applications.

6. Emails between Application and User:

6-1 When the User inquiries or requests information about a specific service or in case he gives additional information or inquiries or queries by using any of the contact means with the Application whether electronic or non-electronic, the Application will use the User’s email address and written down in the Application only to respond to any of that.

6-2 The Application shall be entitled to save the User’s email address, messages and all answers incoming from the Application thereon for the purposes of quality control, and the Application may do that for legal and supervisory purposes as well.

6-3 In case there is any change in the User’s personal, job or bank information or the addresses, he shall contact with the Application on this allocated email ([email protected]) only and notify the Application completely, clearly and explicitly with all abovementioned changes or any other changes may arise and on an immediate basis, noting that no other mean or any messages to otherwise this abovementioned address will be taken into consideration.

7. Application Services:

Whereas, the employer to which the User is affiliated has authorized the Application with an explicit and full authorization to act as an agent for him and on behalf of it in the salary payment process to the User prematurely prior its date, the Application allows to the User to access to his personal data with the client and obtain a payment from the due salary to him prior expiry of its due date, and the Application will enable the User from the following:

7-1 Access and review his personal data and due monthly salary but unpaid.

7-2 Review of his account balance available for withdrawal via the Application and request an advance payment prior to the salary due date.

7-3 You will be enabled through the Application from sending any requests of advance payment through the Application to your employer who will according to his instructions and sole decisions determine whether he will approve of your request or not.

7-4 After obtaining the client’s approval (your employer), a part of the due salary amount but unpaid as referred in your request will be paid in a preceding date to the regular day of salary payment in the bank account or in the credit card or any other mean provided by the Application.

8. Fees of Application Services:

For the purposes of executing the early salary payment, we need to perform several works including implementation of every early salary payment and amendment of the employer’s register for the purposes of giving you the net due amount in the day of salary payment. The status allocated for the purposes of executing the early salary payments is the most requested by the employment contract between you and the employer, accordingly fees shall be paid for every salary payment. Your approval of these terms of service and conducting the requests shall mean your approval of payment of these fees. For further information about the amount of these fees, kindly contact your employer. Noting that there are no fees of incorporation or registration or monthly or recurrent expenses for our services and there are no cancellation fees.

9. Intellectual Property Rights of Application:

9-1 Ownership of all materials existent in the Application belongs to the Application in full, including any content, which the Application inserts and the whole content to be uploaded to the Application whether in present or in the future without exception.

9-2 No person is allowed to use the existent content in the Application or reproduce it for any other purposes whatsoever and in any time or place even for the sake of study, experiments or research.

9-3 The Applications scope of work within the relationship between both the Application and the User shall be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on its territories and according to its laws.

9-4 The Application shall be entitled to prevent any User from using the Application whether for a reason or without a reason. The User shall have no right to object or file a complaint on the Application because of that or as a result thereto.

10. Legal Liability of Application:

10-1 The provided information from the Application whether provided via the Application, the website, social media accounts or via any other body whatsoever shall not represent any advice, consultation or direction and shall not result in any liability on the Application in case the information are false or negative results have been reached based on this information.

10-2 The Application is keen on updating its contents, but it does not guarantee that it is completely clear from mistakes, defects and viruses and does not ensure validity of updating the Application in full.

10-3 The Application shall assume no liability for any damage resulting out of using the Application, including the damages caused by the malicious programs or viruses.

10-4 The Application shall assume no liability for any negligence or default done by the User.

10-5 In case the Application User commits any mistake, he shall personally bear it in full and exempt the Application from the liability for that in full whatsoever its kind.

10-6 The Application shall be entitled to change or delete its existent services at any time, without returning them to the users.

10-7 The Application, the owner body thereof and the employees therein are not responsible and under whatsoever circumstance for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, private or exceptional damages arise out of using or inability to use the service or benefits provided by the Application.

10-8 The Application shall have the right in any time it wants, according to its discretion, to amend, change or replace any term or condition or more of the terms and conditions of this regulation, or change, suspend or stop the service or the application with its sole willingness and without obtaining approval of the User nor informing or alerting him.

10-9 The Application shall be entitled to put specific restrictions on the Application users without returning to them or the need to take their approval on that.

11. Duration of concluded contract between User and Application:

11-1 The concluded contract between the User and the Application is continuous and indefinite and shall last throughout the period of using the Application and throughout keeping the Application in the User’s device.

11-2 The User shall be entitled to terminate the contract between him and the Application through deleting the Application from his device at any time.

11-3 The Application shall be entitled to terminate the contract with the User, through disrupting its services and account, without existence of a specific reason and the Application shall not justify that.

12. Applicable Law and Mechanism of Dispute Resolution:

Using this Application is subject to the current terms and conditions in this regulation. Any dispute, claim or conflict arises between the User and the Application, or any other relevant party shall be governed by the laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only. The competent Saudi courts in Riyadh city particularly shall have jurisdiction to consider in any dispute between the Application, its users, the beneficiaries therefrom and any other relevant parties.