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With Qsalary, Every Day is a Payday, and Liquidity is
Readily Available.

Eliminate Your Financial Issues with Qsalary

The app allows you to get your earned wages at any time. No more waiting for the usual salary date or financial department approval to access liquidity.

With the Qsalary, liquidity is just a click away. After requesting, the amount it will be transferred directly to your bank account, helping you handle financial emergencies and personal needs easily and quickly.

بانضمام شركتك إلى Qsalary ستتمكن من

تتبُّع مصاريفك بدقة وسهولة

يوفر لك تطبيق Qsalary واجهة عرض بسيطة وسهلة الاستخدام تعرض لكَ عمليات السحب التي قمت بها، والمبلغ المتبقي من راتبك.

العروض المميزة

بفضل السيولة المالية الفورية التي يوفرها لك تطبيق Qsalary، لن يكون نقص السيولة سبباً في تفويت أي خصم على الشراء بعد الآن.

الحصول على سيولة في أي وقت

هل لديك مصاريف طارئة، وموعد صرف الرواتب مازال بعيداً؟ لا تقلق، فمعنا كل يوم هو يوم قبض. من خلال التطبيق يمكنك الحصول على السيولة اللازمة بضغطة زر.

توافق كامل مع أحكام الشريعة

تطبيق Qsalary متوافق تماماً مع أحكام الشريعة الإسلامية وقوانين حماية الأجور فيما يتعلق بالتمويل، إذ سيكون هناك رسوم ثابتة على كل عملية سحب.

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Track Your Expenses Accurately and Easily

Qsalary offers a simple and user-friendly interface displaying your withdrawals and the remaining salary amount.

Seize Exclusive Monthly Offers

With Qsalary's immediate liquidity, you won't miss out on purchase discounts because of insufficient funds.

Liquidity access 24/7

Do you have emergency expenses and the salary payment date is far away? Don't worry; with us, everyday is payday. With our application, you can get the necessary liquidity with just one click.

Full Shariah Compliance

Qsalary fully aligns with Shariah and Wage Protection Laws regarding financing, with a fixed fee for each transaction..

How Does the App Work?

Qsalary works easily and simply, allowing you to request your earned wages in just three steps

Registration & Authentication

Download the app > Enter your personal information > Verify your data > Access the Qsalary app to view company-provided data > Access to your financial details.

Submit Withdrawal Request

Choose desired withdrawal amount > Get a display of the Maximum withdrawal amount > Click "Submit Request" to send withdrawal request Note: A flat fee is charged for each transaction

Approval and Receipt

After submitting your request, the amount will be transferred to your account and deducted from your salary the following month.

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Liquidity is Readily Available.

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