Employer Benefits

Eliminate Administrative Burdens, Empower Your Employees

Boost productivity and job satisfaction, and reduce turnover rates with our simple and Shariah-compliant financial solution that aligns with your organization goals

Qsalary relies on FinTech to offer partners a flexible and simple system tailored to their needs. We ensure employees receive transparent and hassle-free financial facilities to meet their needs.

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Lead the Whole Process

The application provides a flexible and user-friendly interface, allowing you to customize, manage, and track the process of granting earned wages to your employees with utmost flexibility.

‎Costless Cash Flow

With no subscriptions applied, you can meet your employees' financial needs without affecting your company's liquidity.

Real-time Dashboard for all Transactions

Qsalary grants you a simple and user-friendly dashboard with a live view of all financial transactions related to withdrawal requests, providing real-time updates.

A Financial Solution Aligned with Your Criteria ‎

Each withdrawal request is automated and organized according to the standards you specify during service registration.

Complete and Smooth Control

When you register for the Service, we enter the employee information you provide, which you can edit anytime.

Integrated with ERP Systems

No need to worry about updating your employees' financial data; Qsalary integrates seamlessly with your organization's ERP software.

B2B Solution

Qsalary is an application designed for companies and organizations to empower their employees and alleviate financial difficulties.

Boost Accounting and HR Productivity

Using the app eliminates the hassle for your organization's departments in managing employee financial requests.

Ultimate Data Protection for Your Corporation

The application complies with Saudi Arabia's security and privacy standards, safeguarding sensitive information for your organization. Read our Privacy Policy