Introductions and Key Benefits

Qsalary is an advanced and secure app that provides employees with access to their earned wages anytime. This offers them the flexibility to manage financial matters and unexpected expenses between pay periods, making every day a payday.

No loans involved – we give employees direct access to their own earned salary!

Qsalary is for employers who want to empower their employees and increase job satisfaction, and for employees seeking easy access to cash.

There is no minimum salary to benefit from the application.

No, there isn’t a minimum number of employees required to join.

No, Qsalary doesn’t charge any interest.


Yes, no need to worry about that. The Qsalary App fully complies with the provisions of Shariah and wage protection laws.

Yes, it’s compliant with WPS.

Yes, it’s fully ERP compliant for easier integration.


The company signs a contract with Qsalary and registers its employees to provide them with financial solutions that meet its requirements.

The employee downloads the application and logs in> Next, they submit a request to withdraw part of their due salary through the application> The request is reviewed and accepted in cooperation with the employer> The withdrawn amount is deposited into the employee’s account> An invoice is sent to the employer to pay the withdrawn amount.


  • Pending: Request sent to the employer, awaiting approval.
  • Approved: Request approved by the employer.
  • Declined: Request declined by the employer.

Yes, the transaction can be cancelled, but only if its status is “pending”.

Yes, there is a fixed fee that the employee pays for each withdrawal they make. This fee does not change based on the withdrawal amount.

Yes, the employer determines the maximum amount withdrawn for each employee in the agreement with Qsalary.

The amount withdrawn is deducted from the employee salary at the end of the month.

Privacy and Security

Yes, Qsalary is secure, implementing various measures to safeguard personal information when submitting, sending or accessing data.