Financial Wellness Gate For Your Employees​

Empower your employees to access their earned wages anytime, and make every day a payday.

Employer Benefits

Zero Cost

No hidden, surprise or additional fees.

Zero Interest

Full compliance with Shariah.


Release pressure on human resources in your company.

Easy Liquidity

Your employees will no longer need to apply for loans.

Money Collection

Withdrawn Payments will be automatically deducted when transferring salaries.

Quick Access

Meet the financial needs of your employees whenever they want.

Increased Productivity

Free your employees from financial worries, enabling complete focus on their work.

Turnover Reduction

Enhance employee job satisfaction and loyalty.

How Does Qsalary Work?

Financial Freedom for Your Employees
in 3 Simple Steps

Register Your Company

Registration is easy, complications and hassle free, just contact us.

Add Your Employees

Effortlessly add your employees and their details in a click or let us take care of it.

Set Maximum Withdrawal Limits for Each Employee

Enable easy on-demand access to earned wages, complying with wage protection laws.

Taking your employees out
of their financial stress

50 %
Of individuals experience financial stress at least once a year
200 ᵏ $
the annual cost to employers in lost productivity as a result of employee financial stress
0 %
of employee turnover attributable to financial stress

Employee Benefits

Instant Liquidity 24/7

Do you have emergency expenses? Get liquidity with just one click.

No More Wages Delays

Administrative procedures will no longer hinder your salary access. Get the money you need anytime.

You Won't Miss Any Promotion

With Qsalary, never miss sales discounts due to liquidity issues.

Centralized Expense Management

Enjoy a user-friendly app displaying your remaining salary on your smartphone.

Fixed Fees, 0% Interest

No interest will apply to any amount you withdraw, but a flat fee per withdrawal.

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Qsalary is an advanced and secure app that provides employees with access to their earned wages anytime. This offers them the flexibility to manage financial matters and unexpected expenses between pay periods, making every day a payday.

No loans involved – we give employees direct access to their own earned salary!

Qsalary is for employers who want to empower their employees and increase job satisfaction, and for employees seeking easy access to cash.

There is no minimum salary to benefit from the application.

No, there isn’t a minimum number of employees required to join.

No, Qsalary doesn’t charge any interest.

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